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Okay Guys
This page is all about ME!!!

You are patron number to the Hayley Page!
Click HERE to see a picture of my baseball team! I'm not in the picture though so I guess it won't be much help.

I thought that some of you might be wondering what kind of person has so much spare time as to create a TITANIC webpage, so here's the jist of my meaningless existence.

I'm trying to scan a picture of myself, but so far to no avail. When I finally figure it out I'll post one but by then it'll probably be out-dated. Oh well. C'est la vie!

My name is Hayley, I live in Ajax, Ontario (near Toronto) and I'm eighteen. Most people who I show this page to are impressed that noisy, annoying, obnoxious Hayley could ever be computer literate. It's just not what they expect after seeing me create a spectacle of myself in front of my entire school at the christmas assembly not once but twice. I managed to fool them into thinking that I knew how to play the violin, but when I got up on the stage and my friend Karen and I let loos the ugliest rendidtion of jingle bells known to man, they began to think otherwise. This year I got to play Ebeneezer Scrooge in a christmas carol. Well that play has seen batter days. I was left standing in the middle of the stage by myself for five minutes because the people backstage forgot to open the curtains, and then I found myself being pelted with christmas presents that were supposed to be used as props but were forgotten. Well I supose that's the life of any struggling actor. I have a job as a cashier at the local IGA Grocery store, but my real profession is as an out-of-work actress. But now I'm moving towards more practical things such as political science. I was voted most likely to be a politician by my graduating class. I'm still confused as to whether or not that's a good thing. My fiend Brandon and I tell people that we're out of work actors, but recently I got a job at the local video store, and low and behold, not surprisingly, my new nickname is Pacey. Me and Brandon seem to think that we're going to end up famous anyways so what's the point of actually working for something. I guess I could always be a street performer. I can juggle at least (sort of). I'm the class clown in my spanish class. I don't understand that though. It doesn't matter what comes out of my mouth it seems to be hilarious to them. If I come into the classroom without doing something loud to get their attention they think that something is wrong with me. I remember one time last semester when I didn't feel like being loud for a couple of days, I guess I had other things on my mind, and my teacher came and asked if I was allright about fifty times over the course of an hour. It's stereotypes like that that make me want to punch people. But I won't because that's just not nice. I hope to get my big-break into the world of acting soon. I've taken a clas and my friend Brandon and I are going to sign up for another. You'll all respect me when I'm famous (maybe). See ya!

Okay here's my stats:
Name: Hayley Alma Dynes
Birthdate: June 27th 1980
Hometown: Ajax, Ontario
Pets: Calvin Klein (dog), Lucy (cat), Black Magic (cat), Luis & Lestatt(fish)

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